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Scott Communications can meet your business's ICT and Security needs.
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We keep your business connected, safe and secure.

Excellent phone systems play an essential role in increasing a business's productivity and can reduce costs. We can help you implement a world-class business digital telephone system or IP phone system for your office or home, from the smallest system to the largest call centre.
Scott Communications specialises in providing the best solution to meet your business's telecommunication needs. Whether you have a PABX system or VOIP we can audit, support, maintain or upgrade your system. 
Scott Communications is dedicated to the delivery of customer excellence in all areas of telecommunications sales and technical support. We have a philosophy of long-term relationships with local businesses.



We keep your business connected, safe and secure.

With the introduction of UFB your business has access to blazing fast internet. A reliable high-speed fibre optic connection to your premises is an operational necessity, it's your lifeline to the wider world. Viewing with a fast connection requires specific data cabling that we have been installing for many years, quality data cabling is a must!
We have the latest fusion splice and test equipment to provide a fibre solution to meet your needs. As well as fibre optic cabling, we can install fibre media converters, SFP ports and switches. We cater for single mode and multimode fibre, and both internal and external solutions. We ensure that your infrastructure is well established to meet your needs and future growth. 
Scott Communications keeps it simple for you, call us with your questions.

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We keep your business connected, safe and secure.

In recent times the need to embrace technology and have access to data and work remotely has been critical to essential service based businesses. Work place flexibility is also increasing the demand for businesses to provide employees options to work remotely.
Scott Communications can provide you with information technology communication (ICT) solutions that work for your business. We can remove the stress... we'll manage the migration of your data to Cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and ensure your connected, safe and secure.



We keep your business connected, safe and secure.

Do you know what your network infrastructure is for? Think of it like your homes foundations, get it right first time and your safe and sound with a home that will serve you well in the future.
Every business needs to have a reliable Network, Cloud and Server infrastructure that ensures you are spending time on activities valuable to your business. Scott Communications can audit your existing network infrastructure, maintain, upgrade and support or build from new.
Whatever your network infrastructure needs, we'll ensure it meets your needs for today and tomorrow.

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We keep your business connected, safe and secure.

Scott Communications takes the latest technologies in camera surveillance equipment and access software and creates a solution that is tailored for your business needs and budget. Digital (IP) CCTV systems and solutions are a critical part to any security programme. Using network (IP) based cameras and systems we can build anything from a single camera solution (using edge recording) through to an integrated and multi-location system. IP camera systems give you the ability to view live and recorded footage from any location on almost any device; mobiles, tablets, laptops, and computers. They turn images and audio into data, then transmit the data over a network or internet connection. 
The key to achieving successful outcomes for you and your camera system is ensuring the networking and infrastructure is established well. We have the expertise to build your network or we can work within your existing.
Controlling movement through doors, turnstiles and gates, and access to PCs and networks is critical to managing a safe and secure business. This can be achieved using keypads, magnetic stripe readers, proximity readers and biometric devices. In addition, various time and attendance packages interface with these systems. The consolidation of multiple security credentials into a single secure smart card with a choice of authentication procedures is now possible. Talk to us about your security and access needs.
All security work is completed by our licensed (#20-072942) Security Consultant and Security Technician Gareth.



We keep your business connected, safe and secure.

If you need to build, expand, or upgrade your current Wi-Fi solution, then talk to us today.
We supply and install high quality Wi-Fi solutions, our services includes… site assessment, Wi-Fi solution design, data cabling, supply and installation of Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi system configuration, and testing.
We will build you a Wi-Fi network that can deliver…100% coverage, separate networks for staff, management, and guests, a solution that you manage without servers, routers, etc... Top quality, easy to operate software to manage your network, free Wi-Fi or pay for access on your terms, credit card payments (you keep 100% revenue), free vouchers, a secure portal (hot spot), customisation to suit your business needs. Call us if you have questions.